Benefits of Food Waste Reduction & Conversion

Food waste is a global problem, but only 3% is recycled. Which is why households, businesses, municipalities and more end up spending as much as they do as disposal and transportation costs continue to increase.

By using an Ecovim waste converter for your organic waste, the benefits include:

☼ A low maintenance, onsite method that does not require any special installation, hook-ups or ventilation

☼ Low-noise, almost silent operation

☼ Less waste/trash to dispose of (mostly “non-recyclables”)

☼ Smaller disposal “tipping fees” (based on remaining waste weight)

☼ Fewer odors

View the Food Waste Continuum for more benefits of the Ecovim food converter vs. current disposal methods.

Some of the natural benefits include:

☼ A composting process that converts the organic waste into a sterile, no odor end-product that can be collected and redistributed as an organic soil amendment suitable for landscaping, gardening, and more.

☼ As an example, the Ecovim 250 model converts 250lbs of organic waste into approximately 25lbs of soil amendment.

☼ Reclaimed water from the dehydration process can also be used or simply disposed of down a drain.

Click here to learn more regarding how the Ecovim waste conversion/dehydration process works.

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Organic Recycling: Benefits of Food Waste Reduction

Benefits of Food Waste Reduction

Food waste is a global problem, but only 3% is recycled. This is why households, businesses, municipalities and others can benefit from recycling—or dehydrating—food waste!

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